Ashley docking sportsnet 590

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Ashley docking sportsnet 590

Her quick wit and sensibility are the perfect complement to Greg and Hugh. Together, they will give our audiences more of what they're looking for during their morning commute - an entertaining and engaging show about the sports and teams Toronto fans are craving.

Greg and Hugh are both tremendous broadcasters and we're all excited to get started and deliver a fun and fresh show to Toronto's morning listeners. Fans can also listen at Sportsnet. Social Media Links: Official website, Sportsnet www. About Sportsnet Sportsnet is Canada's 1 sports media brand. Visit Sportsnet. Rogers Communications Inc. Log in. E-mail Password Remember Forgot password? Sign up. New member. United States.

United Kingdom. Schweiz DE. Suisse FR. Latest News. Listed company. Sector News. All Analysis. Stock Picks. All stock picks.Hi everyone — Jonah and I are trying to collect as much information as possible but also want to give people a place to react to the big news of the day. This post will be updated by both of us as news comes in.

The Sportsnet press release came this morning, announcing a top to bottom revamp of the radio line-up. Of note, these changes reflect exactly what TSM readers asked for in our polls about the morning and afternoon drive slots. This means that, for the second time in the last four years, Greg Brady is no longer with Sportsnet.

Brady posted a long note to this followers explaining his side of this decision:. I like, respect, admire and enjoy gregbradyTO. He's a terrific broadcaster. His departure makes me really sad. We competed because we were on at the same time- but I never saw him as the enemy- but rather just a guy I respected and have enjoyed listening to over the years. We've got a new lineup! Tim and Sid chimed in to tell everyone that nothing was going to change about their TV show, confirming that the plan is to simply peel off the audio for broadcast on the FAN.

We broke down the big news for you on today's show… TimandSid are going multi-platform again, on October 14th! With this revamped line-up some of the battleground between TSN and SN is clearer while most of it is now murkier. The two lunchtime hockey shows will now go head to head but that is the only place where the two stations offer parallel programming.

Speaking of The O-Dog, he was kind of enough to take time out his schedule to reach out, five days later, to let us know what he thinks of the site:. Nobody cares what you think. So,I will be the one to say…Is this not just re-arranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship? The music stopped and they were one chair short,toot-a-loo Brady.

ashley docking sportsnet 590

How could this move increase ratings? Is that not the goal?

ashley docking sportsnet 590

I feel bad for Deitsch. After taking the job, Bob is fired and he is demoted to an afternoon show.

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I wonder how happy Blair and Brunt are with this? As for Brunt…more time off in Nfld? What a difference a couple of years make at the Fan, major changes all over the map. Two changes that made the biggest impact were at noon and at not sure if it was just luck or the Fan just lost it way. I still believe the Fan can recover if these moves work out.

Ratings are still in there favor but the hill just got larger.Good morning sports media fans. Jonah and I are both busy so posting will be pretty irregular here over the summer. As we have done in the past, we will open up the site to guest posts and submissions from writers who want to reach our niche audience.

There is no single topic about which I have written more than the terrible state of Toronto sports media when it comes to diversity in hiring. Toronto sports media is so completely out of step with modern hiring equity standards. If this were the banking industry, or academia, or a government office there would be inquiries and firings. There were three incidents this past week that brought this issue back into the foreground.

Ian over at Blue Jay Hunter has the recap for you.

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Kelly Gruber appeared at a PitchTalks event more on that brand another time … I have many thoughts and behaved like a sexist jerk. After joining her on stage Gruber asked the audience why they needed a chick on stage.

Things devolved from there. The context is that overwhelmingly women are passed over for sports media jobs where their opinions matter, as opposed to their looks. Think of the hiring over the last decade for jobs as radio hosts, columnists, and analysts. There are currently no female sports columnists in Toronto. During that time lots of men have moved from one paper to another, or been promoted into columnist positions.

Zero women. That is inexcusable for a city of this size, and this has been the case for years now. The FAN has made about a dozen hires and fires for sports radio hosts during that same time period. The FAN also started fresh with their Blue Jays broadcast crew: Wagner, Wilner, Barker, Shulman have all appeared so far and there is a promise that we will see a rotating cast the rest of the way.

ashley docking sportsnet 590

But no women are being given time behind the mic right now. Those are the messages that are communicated when your radio station looks like this. If you want to know what effect that kind of systemic approach to women in sports media has on the audience, look no further than K-Gruber. This is not to excuse his behaviour, but rather to say that it is a symptom of a problem that goes much deeper than some ignorant ex-player.

One of the main data points to come from the Zaun firing was that multiple women had made multiple complaints. Zaun himself claims that no one ever said anything to him about his behaviour, which also tells you about the culture at Sportsnet. Misogyny Dean Blundell to the 1 sports radio show in Canada.

What Gruber did to Docking was awful and she handled herself well. But this is part of a larger problem. So men need not apply? Any others ineligible? Awful Announcing has the gory details. His closing salvo was this:. My intention was to advocate for an inclusive process. Quite the opposite. The only reason I am mentioning this is that this kind of thinking is pervasive.

It goes something like this. Premise 1 is undeniable. Premise 2 is ridiculous. Sports media is a highly nepotistic industry where connections matter a great deal.Taylor Shold: Who are you and what do you do? Taylor: How has networking helped your career? Fast forward two weeks after I bombed multiple interviews I received an offer letter.

They had a relationship established, so the trust factor was huge in me getting the job. So, I was headed to Edmonton, but I wanted to stay involved in sports. My BT role was a producer job.

Now that I was headed to Alberta anyways I figured it was worth a shot to apply. So when TheChrisWescott head writer for the Edmonton Oilers replied to my message, he referred me to the Digital Manager, and when I arrived, I interviewed and got the job!

So job gone, internship over, I headed back to Toronto where networking saved me again. So networking is important, we all know that, but I will say that you need to do it in a genuine manner. No one likes it when the only reason you talk to them is to ask for something. It helps with rapport. Taylor: What are some challenges you face and how do you overcome them?

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Stretching yourself too thin will not make you better. Trust me! Taylor: How can someone looking to make it on-air stand out from the crowd? However, you do need to be malleable. When it comes to putting people on-air and choosing talent for a show, it can be subjective.

Also, avoid imposter syndrome. Do your own research, get comfortable with the subject matter. Taylor: What advice would you give to someone trying to make it on-air? I was a producer in Edmonton but ended up on-air almost everyday talking hockey, doing traffic and weather or hosting live remotes. This leads right into my next piece of advise.

Be multidimensional. A perfect example is a good friend of mine, Ms. Callie Warren, she got her first job at a station in rural BC. The actual wilderness. Anyways, she was videographer, editor, anchor, and whatever else they needed. Being able to jump in to help in any situation pays off big time and leads to more opportunities. There is absolutely no use in comparing paths with someone else, but you should use others successes to motivate you!

ashley docking sportsnet 590

It means there ARE people hiring, even when it feels like broadcasting as a whole is shrinking. It means there ARE roles are being created for young broadcast professionals. There is no such thing as an overnight success, just all nighters and a lot hard work if you want to be successful in this business. You can find Ashley on Twitter smrtash. For more great articles, features and job postings, follow us on Twitter SholdMediaGroup.

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SMG Profile: Ashley Docking

Local: Long Distance: Text: Lead Off with Ziggy and Scotty Mac. Your browser does not support the audio element. Ziggy and Scott face-off in a battle of Seinfeld knowledge. Elliotte Friedman gives his takeaways from his chat with Auston Matthews on Ask31 All of that plus much more. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the […]. Glen Grunwald on the Vince Carter effect.

The CEO of Canada Basketball, who formerly served as the GM of the Toronto Raptors, talks about Vince Carter's legacy when it comes to basketball in Canada, when he first realized how big a star the University of North Carolina product could be, signing Carter to a six-year extension inand the current success of the Raps.

Auston Matthews only starting to scratch the surface of how good he can be. Ziggy and Scotty Mac break down Game 1 of the isolation summit series. Dan Shulman looks back at his broadcast career and highlights some favourite moments Then Dr. Load More.

Top Shows. Listen Live.She kept her cool and responded with poise and humour on stage. Thank you. Docking, who is known for standing her ground and not shying away from tough conversations, has worked hard in the male-dominated world of sports broadcasting to be a legitimate member of the Toronto sports scene.

Our perspective is different, our experiences too. We see everything through a different lens. On Wednesdays While Ms.

Docking is also a Seneca Hall of Fame inductee and her jersey was officially retired. The community atmosphere was great and every team, no matter what you were playing, supported each other. Docking also recalls that female athletes have a special place at Seneca and are well-supported. The athletics director at the time was Linda Stapleton who retired last year.

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She made sure we felt as though we were a part of the fabric of the athletics program, maybe even more so than the men at times. Docking said. I worked at the gym at Markham Campus and at the hockey arena snack bar at Newnham Campus.

It is so important to have different voices heard because everyone lives different experiences, and to represent just one would be a disservice to the listeners. That means including women as well as women of colour and giving us all a seat at the table.

Seneca News. Ashley Docking talks sports, radio and Seneca. View this post on Instagram. A dual-sport athlete, Ashley Docking is a Seneca Hall of Fame inductee and her jersey was officially retired.

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